Truth and Consequences

Whistleblowers simply tell the truth, which, strangely can be a high stakes endeavour. Hear from those in Canada and how whistleblowing led to huge consequences.Whistle-blowers simply tell the truth,

Food Additives and Hyperactivity

Food additives have been linked to a variety of childhood behaviours including impulsivity, hyperactivity, and inattention.If you take your children grocery shopping, you know the draw of brightly pac

Does Diet Affect ADHD?

Understanding how food and diet affects our brains may help in managing the symptoms of ADHD.Going back to school is often a time of excitement and anticipation. But for parents of children with atten

If We're So Smart

Humans\' ability to create a sustainable environment is hampered by our basic human nature, a reasoning supported by findings in cognitive research.Humans have big brains. This is the biological basis


Lecithin is essential for the normal function of every cell in our bodies, among other systematic processes. Learn about the health benefits of this healthy fat.Your mother may never have admonished y

Moving Mountains

Applied behaviour analysis (ABA) is an intensive approach used to treat autism. It breaks down a desired behaviour into small achievable steps.Eight-year-old Liam Sinclair (not his real name) loves to

Prostate Problems

Most men never think about prostate health until their prostate starts acting up. Prevention strategies include eating plenty of cruciferous vegetables.Are you aware that September 14 to 20 marks Pros

A Story of Love

It\'s difficult to help someone with a mental illness. But it\'s an extreme challenge to have a mentally ill spouse and remain in love.Deeply in love, Sara and I married 17 years ago. Three years later,

Hitting a High Note

Exercise. Eat right. Join a choir. The first two are typical parts of healthy living. But the last? Research has now proven the health benefits of singing.Exercise. Eat right. Get plenty of sleep. Joi

Plant Sterols Hold Great Promise

Sterols are nautrally occuring components of plant membranes that can help lower cholesterol. Beta sitosterol in particular can also improve prostate health.Cholesterol is a major concern for coronary

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