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1 of 11 At 41 years young, award-winning actress Reese Witherspoon\'s skin looks greater tha
Lather up with these relaxing and healing bath time benefitsLather up with these aromatherapeutic and healing bath time benefits.SweetsCraving calorie-free sweets? Lush offers a delicious selection of
Even if you\'re someone who loves to meticulously deep clean on a regular basis, that doesn\'t mean there isn\'t an army of
If you\'re a man with symptoms of depression or chronic fatigue, and have been offered an antidepressant, you may want to consider checking your homone levels.If you’re a man with symptoms of depressio
Memorizing scripted lines may be part of her job, but actor Kate Mansi wasn’t about to start memorizing the 1,328 ingredients banned from cosmetics by the European Union. That’s the overwhelming task

Dealing with Baby’s First Visitors

Home ... but Not Alone! The phone starts to ring, the doorbell goes off like an alarm, and well-meaning fri

The Beauty of Giving Birth Over the Holidays

Missing out on the Christmas roast isn't the only reason people stress about the possibility of g

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Hospital Births

Wondering how your labor and delivery will go? If, like most women, you're planning on a hospital

McDonald’s CEO Defends Ronald McDonald, Food Quality

\"We have tremendously high quality proteins,\" he says. \"It is all real food,\" he continues. \"We have always

How to Handle Separation Anxiety in Babies

Leaving your baby is never easy, and it’s especially brutal if he screams and clings whenever you head ou

USDA Announces New, Healthier School Lunch Rules

Whole milk and white bread are among the casualties of a set of school lunch changes the USDA announced this

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