Science Pinpoints When Your Labor Will Start

The biggest guessing game for pregnant women—well, maybe besides whether it's a boy or a girl&#x

6 Ways to Prepare Your Teen for the First Day of High School

On any given year, the very first day of high school comes with plenty of excitement and uncertainty for teens a

8 Facts About Epidural Side Effects

Considering that at least 60 percent of American women today have an epidural for pain relief

Dealing with Baby’s First Visitors

Home ... but Not Alone! The phone starts to ring, the doorbell goes off like an alarm, and well-meaning fri

Kids’ Sugar, Salt Cravings May Have Developmental Purpose

The study included 108 kids, aged 5 to 10, as well as their moms. It turned out that the children who prefer

Your Newborn: 30 Tips for the First 30 Days

It's been six weeks since our daughter, Clementine, was born. She's finally sleeping better and go

Kangaroo Care: The Benefits of Skin-to-Skin Contact

You might have heard that skin-to-skin contact—also called kangaroo care—has plenty of benefit

What the First Week With a Newborn is Really Like

It was our first full day at home with our 3-day-old son, Noah. By 7 p.m., he was sleeping in his bassinet a

Childhood Obesity’s 3 Top Risk Factors Identified

\"What\'s exciting here is that these risk factors are malleable and provide a road map for developing interve

How to Breastfeed

Pick a position. One popular pose is the cross cradle: Rest your baby's bottom on either the crook of y

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