How to Shop for Baby Gear Online

Start with store websites. Once you figure out what you need, go to store sites that you're already fam

Tips from Experts to Feed Kids Better

We moms know that at least some of our own eating and other habits get passed on—intentionally or not

How to Clear a Baby’s Stuffy Nose

A stuffy nose can mean one cranky baby. Mild congestion isn't worrisome, since it's usually

The Benefits of Baby Massage

You know what happens: The minute you put your baby down, she cries. Pick her up and, presto—she&apos

New Campaign Identifies Child Marketing as Major Obesity Prevention Strategy

How foods are marketed to children is among the top 5 areas of concern among 800 recommendations from the In

Whole Grain Options Mean Healthy Choices at Food Assistance Programs

Before the changes, breakfast cereals were the only grains offered to these women. But after 2009, WIC food

Petition Urges Kraft to Remove Food Dyes from Macaroni & Cheese

Kraft Foods' iconic macaroni and cheese is a favorite among kids, but its cheesy yellow color comes fro

A Baby’s View of Birth

How Does His Head Fit Through There? Every pregnant woman wonders -- often with a wince or two -- how

When’s the Best Time of Day to Give Birth?

More babies are born around breakfast than any other time of day, according to birth certificate d

FDA to Regulate Gluten Free Labeling

Under an FDA rule announced Friday, products labeled \"gluten free\" still won\'t have to be technically free o

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