5 Tricky Baby Care Tasks Explained

Being a parent requires getting down and dirty: There are orifices to probe, secretions to suction, an

How to Bond With Your Preemie at the Hospital

Don't be afraid to touch. We know -- your little one looks so small, so you might be hesitant to even h

Kids’ Sugar, Salt Cravings May Have Developmental Purpose

The study included 108 kids, aged 5 to 10, as well as their moms. It turned out that the children who prefer

Inducing Labor: Why it’s Necessary and How it Works

In a pregnancy that is progressing normally, your body and your baby's secrete the hormone oxytocin, tr

How to Induce Labor at Home

You patiently await your due date, eyeing it on your calendar and instructing loved ones to prepare for it d

How to Have an Awesome Cesarean Birth

Almost 1 in 3 babies in the United States are born by Cesarean section, making it one of the most frequently

Toddlers’ Brand Recognition Higher Among Unhealthy Foods

Food-brand knowledge predicts what kids will ask for later, said lead author Mimi Tatlow-Golden of the Schoo

Your Newborn: 30 Tips for the First 30 Days

It's been six weeks since our daughter, Clementine, was born. She's finally sleeping better and go

Surgery for Obese Teens Increasing, But Not a ’Quick Fix’

Fewer than 1,000 US teens have bariatric surgery each year (compared to between 200,000 and 250,000 adults),

The Beauty of Giving Birth Over the Holidays

Missing out on the Christmas roast isn't the only reason people stress about the possibility of g

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