Study: Parents Don’t View Obesity as Serious Medical Issue

Obesity affects between 15 and 30 percent of American children, but a new study shows that many parents do n

Good News! 3 Out of 4 Kids Eat Fruits, Veggies Daily

Consider it an old wives' tale that kids turn their noses up at fruits and veggies. The Centers for Dis

Science Pinpoints When Your Labor Will Start

The biggest guessing game for pregnant women—well, maybe besides whether it's a boy or a girl&#x

Pre-Pregnancy Diet May Affect Baby’s Genes

The study, published in Nature Communications, is the first to show that an environmental factor durin

A Baby’s View of Birth

How Does His Head Fit Through There? Every pregnant woman wonders -- often with a wince or two -- how

McDonald’s CEO Defends Ronald McDonald, Food Quality

\"We have tremendously high quality proteins,\" he says. \"It is all real food,\" he continues. \"We have always

What You Need to Know About Delivering at a Birth Center

With their big beds, soaking tubs, and cozy decor, freestanding birth centers are gaining popularity among p

5 Common New-Mom Challenges

You Struggle with Breastfeeding \"The myth is that nursing comes naturally,\" says Lisa Spiegel, co-director

11 Ways to Celebrate the First Day of Virtual School

Celebrating your child's first day of school usually means excited (or nervous) kids with backpacks filled

5 Tricky Baby Care Tasks Explained

Being a parent requires getting down and dirty: There are orifices to probe, secretions to suction, an

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