The Beauty of Giving Birth Over the Holidays

Missing out on the Christmas roast isn't the only reason people stress about the possibility of g

Dealing with Baby’s First Visitors

Home ... but Not Alone! The phone starts to ring, the doorbell goes off like an alarm, and well-meaning fri

A Baby’s View of Birth

How Does His Head Fit Through There? Every pregnant woman wonders -- often with a wince or two -- how

McDonald’s CEO Defends Ronald McDonald, Food Quality

\"We have tremendously high quality proteins,\" he says. \"It is all real food,\" he continues. \"We have always

Baby Care Today: Old Advice You Can Safely Ignore

Bath Time & Fever Cures Bathing Basics Old Advice: Babies need daily baths. New Advice: It's not nec

How Do I Know If I’m Pregnant?

The first signs of pregnancy are different for every woman. While some have telltale symptoms (such as nause

How to Handle Separation Anxiety in Babies

Leaving your baby is never easy, and it’s especially brutal if he screams and clings whenever you head ou

C-Section vs. ’Natural Birth’: What’s the Difference?

Ask a group of moms about their birth stories, and chances are at least one of them delivered by Cesar

Dad’s Diet May Affect Baby’s Health

The findings raise concerns about dads unknowingly passing on harmful traits through molecular markers

What Is False Pregnancy?

The physical signs of pregnancy are easy to recognize -- nausea, fatigue, that swollen belly and (often) a h

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