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Pretty Healthy

How can you choose truly clean beauty products? Start by learning about preservatives, packaging, and pigments that could be hurting you—and then focus on better alternatives.Whether or not you enjoy

Timeless Beauty

The privilege of growing older comes with some compromises, including having an exterior that may not match what we’d like to see in the mirror. Instead of throwing in the non-abrasive, organic cotton

Beauty Series Part 1

It’s summertime, and the livin’ is easy—or it should be. Here are some simple strategies to enjoy the sunshine and keep your skin safe and beautiful. Eat your sunscreen…Your summer skin strategy shoul

Hand and Foot Care for Men

Mani-pedi (hand and foot care) isn\'t just for metrosexuals. Men who work hard and play hard need to pamper their hardworking hands and feet to keep them healthy.If your hands are as soft as sandpaper

Miracle in a Jar?

Adding nutrients like essential fatty acids and antioxidants to our diets can take us a long way toward recreating youthful, healthy skin. Your choice of moisturizer can also have a huge impact on you

Skin Care 101

Judging by the ads we see on television, you might think you need a Master’s degree in chemistry to choose quality skin care products. While earning the degree is a fabulous accomplishment, proper ski

Lip Service

Unsightly and painful, cold sores are caused by a highly contagious virus called herpes simplex 1 (HS1). HS1 is spread via skin-to-skin contact, including kissing and sexual contact, and is similar to

Healthy Hair

Hair is essentially protein, so be sure that you\'re getting an adequate supply. Look to legumes like beans, peas, lentils, and fermented soybean products for nutrient-rich vegetarian protein sources,

Expose Yourself

Prepare for spring by taking time to exfoliate your skin. Exfoliating can be done mechinally or chemically, but either way has many benefits.After hiding in wool and dark colours all winter, it’s almo

Colour Me Natural

While changing hair colour is fun, the chemicals in hair dye can cause long-term health effects. Instead, try these natural hair colouring products and dyes.Whether it’s to cover up the grey, to try o

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