Among the many benefits of the Peruvian root vegetable maca, is its ability to balance our hormonal system.

Increasingly we’re learning about the importance of hormonal balance and its place in healthy natural aging. Stress impacts hormonal balance, reducing quality of life, including loss of libido, energy, and mental focus as well as sexual function.

Fortunately, there are natural alternatives to support hormonal systems. One of these is a little-known root vegetable grown high in the Andean mountains of Peru: maca has been shown to increase energy and stamina, enhance fertility, and promote healthy sexual function.

Rejuvenate the endocrine system

Maca is used to regulate hormonal functions and slow the decline of an aging hormonal system—for both women and men. Its action focuses on the root of all hormonal problems by nourishing and strengthening the hypothalamus/pituitary axis (HPA).

Maca users find they have more energy and stamina, greater mental clarity, and improved mood and memory. The root vegetable is said to tone and strengthen the adrenal glands, thus improving overall body well-being.

A safe and effective alternative to HRT

Maca may be used as an alternative to conventional hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to help lessen the symptoms of menopause. Maca also regulates and balances the entire endocrine system, strengthening and toning the reproductive glands to promote a heightened sense of well-being and provide the body with greater energy and vitality.

Marvellous for men, too

Affecting men between 40 and 55 years old, andropause is a result of testosterone deficiency in men. Symptoms include low sex drive, impotence, irritability, fatigue, muscle loss, and fat accumulation. By regulating the hormonal system in men, maca treats the root cause of andropause.

Choosing maca

When shopping for a maca supplement, look for a brand that uses pure, certified organic maca originating from the Peruvian highlands. Gelatinization of maca (the removal of starch from the root, producing a powder that is easier to digest) allows for greater potency and optimal absorption.

Maca is available in capsules, tablets, and powder. It has a pleasant, malty, butterscotch-like flavour, perfect for smoothies. Remember, maca is a food and less than 1,500 mg daily will likely not deliver desired results. The suggested intake is 1,500 to 5,000 mg daily in two doses.


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