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Beauty in the Time of Lockdown

The COVID lockdown turned our daily routines upside down. Along with all the other significant repercussions, we’ve also changed our beauty regimens, often prompting new standards and views of beauty

Are There Bugs In Your Beauty Bag?

Beauty products containing probiotics have become ubiquitous on our natural health store shelves of late. It’s a burgeoning beauty trend that has many of us thinking about our skin’s microbiome. But w

Beat Those Beauty Bag Bugs

Most of us are unaware that our beauty bags are hubs for bacteria, yeast, and fungi. A recent study found 79 to 90 percent of cosmetics were contaminated with potential harmful bacteria and fungi. Bea

The Best Face Oils (for Every Skin Concern)

Want smooth, flawless skin in time for summer? (Duh—don’t we all?) Here\'s your secret weapon. Kick-start your skin renewal plans with the help of kick-ass skin care oils. And FYI, ladies aren’t the on

The Healing Power of Steam

DIY steam treatments can help keep skin clear and healthy. Try a herbal steam infusion by adding dried herbs to your steam bath to soothe and clarify skin.Steam has long been used as a therapeutic tre

Well Groomed

Men\'s grooming needs are a little different than women\'s. Razor burn, ingrown hairs, and hair loss are a few of men\'s problem areas.Men have physiological differences that make their skin and grooming

Remarkable Rosehip

Rosehip oil is rich in fatty acids, lycopene, and vitamins A and C. It treats sun damage, scars, stretch marks, and nourishes dry hair and brittle nails.While we may be tempted to worship the sun, ove

Happy Feet

Hey, twinkle toes, do your tired, aching feet need a pick-me-up after hours of holiday shopping? Try a relaxing foot soak to rejuvenate your tender tootsies.Foot care is important at busy times of the

Rejuvenating Oils

This time of year is wonderful for rejuvenation, including creating glowing skin. One great way to start a skin renewal plan is with oil.This time of year is a wonderful time for rejuvenation—and that

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