The Best Shoe Organizers in 2022


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Shoes will absolutely take over your home if you let them. Our ever-growing collections of sneakers, sandals, high heels, boots and flats can quickly lead to cluttered entryways and disaster-zone closets. To keep the mess at bay, it\’s important to adopt an organizing solution that fits your space and budget as well as all those high-tops of yours.

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A quality shoe organizer can protect your kicks from excess moisture, dust and pests, extending the lifespan of each pair. It\’s also an easy way to free up valuable floor space and keep your home looking neat and tidy. But how do you choose the best shoe organizer for your needs?

What to Consider When Purchasing a Shoe Organizer

Quantity:​ Before you add that shoe organizer to your online shopping cart, it\’s important to sort through the pairs you currently have and decide what\’s worth keeping, tossing or donating. This way, you\’ll know exactly how much storage you really need. There\’s no use in buying a larger organizer to corral several pairs of ballet flats you haven\’t worn since 2009. Once you\’ve pared down your collection, you\’ll be able to purchase an organizer that\’s suitable for the number of shoes you wear on a regular basis.

Space:​ Think about where you\’ll be storing your shoes when shopping for an organizer. If you leave your shoes by the door, you\’ll probably need a compact organizer that isn\’t an eyesore. Furniture pieces with built-in shoe storage work particularly well in an entryway, as they conceal clutter and blend in seamlessly with the rest of your home decor. You can get away with a more utilitarian-style shoe rack in a reach-in closet, but if you have a glammed-out walk-in closet you might want to consider displaying your shoes on bookshelves.

Shoe Type:​ Shoes come in all shapes and sizes, therefore, there isn\’t a catch-all solution for keeping them organized. Sneakerheads often prefer to display their shoes in clear, drop-front boxes that can be stacked easily, while those who own many pairs of knee-high boots favor vertical organizers that help the boots maintain their shape. Some people might find that it\’s worth investing in a couple of different styles of organizers.

Now that we\’ve discussed what to look for in a functional shoe organizer, here are our top picks for 2022.

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The Best Shoe Organizer for Sneakers

Large Drop-Front Shoe Box Case Of 6

$59.99 at The Container Store

If you are okay with spending hundreds of dollars on the latest sneaker drop, you should also invest in proper storage to keep them in good condition. The Container Store sells three sizes of stackable shoe boxes with clear fronts that drop down for easy sneaker retrieval. The boxes come in four colors—translucent, red, blue and black—and are designed to protect shoes from UV light, which can cause yellowing or fading over time. The small fits up to a women\’s size 11, the large fits up to a men\’s size 13, and the extra-large fits up to a men\’s size 16. The extra-large size is also suitable for mid- and high-top sneakers like Air Jordans. At roughly $10 per box, these storage containers don\’t come cheap, but they will allow you to show off your collection in an aesthetically pleasing and well-organized manner.

drop front shoe boxes

The Best Shoe Organizer for Boots

Honey-Can-Do 6-Pair Boot Rack

$40.28 at Amazon

This handy organizer is intended for mid-calf, knee-high and some over-the-knee boots. It can store 12 boots (6 pairs) and keeps them upright to prevent creases from forming. The sturdy steel frame is paired with a plastic base to catch water and dirt that might otherwise damage your floors. You can also adjust the height of the middle rack so your boots fit perfectly. It\’s rather compact at 27.5 inches long, 10.75 inches wide and 22.5 inches high, meaning it could be placed in a closet or entryway. Some purchasers have complained that the boot rack is difficult to assemble, but a screwdriver is the only tool that\’s needed. The frame is a silvery-gray hue but could be spraypainted if it doesn\’t suit your color scheme.

boot organizer

The Best Space-Saving Shoe Organizer

SONGMICS 8-Tier Slim Shoe Rack

$39.99 at Amazon

Not all of us are blessed with sprawling mudrooms—some of us must make do with barely-there or nonexistent entryways. If you\’re short on space, consider this vertical solution that can store 16 to 24 pairs of shoes. Unlike other space-saving shoe racks that tend to have easily-torn fabric tiers, the shelves in this organizer are made of sturdy metal. Each shelf can hold 22 pounds and the spaces are large enough (6.3 inches high) to accommodate ankle boots and high-top sneakers. When fully assembled, the shoe rack measures 17.6 inches long, 12 inches wide and 50.6 inches high. The feet are adjustable if you plan to place the organizer on an uneven surface like carpet flooring. As a safety precaution, the rack comes with an anti-tipping kit that allows you to attach it to the wall.

vertical shoe rack

The Best Shoe Organizer for Heels

10-Tier 50 Pair Shoe Rack

$71.94 at Wayfair

The angled, slip-resistant bars in this shoe rack make it ideal for displaying heels. Ten tiers can accommodate 50 pairs of shoes, all the way up to a men\’s size 13. If your feet are on the larger size, however, it will likely only be able to hold four pairs of shoes per tier. The industrial-style rack can be assembled with or without wheels, but if you choose to include them there\’s a locking system to prevent it from moving around your bedroom or walk-in closet. It can support up to 80 pounds and the chrome-finish steel frame is easy to wipe clean. It requires partial assembly with a screwdriver and weighs just under 15 pounds. When fully assembled, the rack measures 14.63 inches long, 36.5 inches wide and 59.5 inches high.

rolling organizer for high heels

The Best Shoe Organizer for the Entryway

HEMNES Shoe Cabinet with 2 Compartments

$149.99 at IKEA

A clutter-free entryway starts with a hardworking piece of furniture. IKEA makes several shoe cabinets, but we like the 2-compartment HEMNES for its compact size and ability to store at least 12 pairs of shoes. The compartments have removable dividers that allow you to double the number of low-profile shoes you wish to store. Or, you can remove the dividers to fit snow boots and ankle boots. The HEMNES has a traditional look with a white finish and round knobs and is screwed into the wall for stability. You can store small items like house keys and sunglasses on the tabletop, but there\’s also a pull-out drawer for things like face masks and dog poop bags. The cabinet measures 35 inches long, 11 ¾-inches wide and 50 inches high and also comes in a dark brown or dark gray-stained finish.

entryway shoe cabinet

The Best Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer

MISSLO Over The Door Shoe Organizer

$13.99 at Amazon

Over-the-door organizers aren\’t exactly sexy but they are versatile. Beyond shoes, they can be used to store cleaning supplies, stuffed animals, toiletries, hair tools, pantry staples and more. However, if you plan to use yours primarily for shoes, you\’ll want to choose a design with roomy, breathable pockets that make it easy to spot your favorite pair of sandals. This over-the-door organizer features 24 mesh pockets that can fit up to 12 pairs of men\’s size 13 shoes. Four low-profile hooks are included, designed for doors with a maximum width of 1.65 inches. If your door fits those specifications it should close with ease when the organizer is hung up. The overall dimensions are 56 ½-inches long and 22 ⅓-inches wide, while each pocket is 5 ⅖-inches wide and 7 ⅘-inches high. There are four colors to choose from—black, gray, pink and white—and the stitching is reinforced to prevent tearing.

over the door shoe organizer

The Best Shoe Organizer for Under the Bed

Low Profile Under Bed Shoe Storage Organizer, Set of 2

$36.99 at Amazon

If you live in a region with four distinct seasons, chances are you rotate your shoes out and stow them away when they\’re not in use. This set of two under-bed shoe organizers has clear, zippered covers and each one can store up to 12 pairs of shoes. The dividers are sturdy and adjustable, allowing you to store everything from flip-flops to espadrilles. The bottom of each organizer is solid and supportive, and large handles make it easy to pull out from under the bed. Measuring ‎30 inches long, 24.5 inches wide and 4.5 inches high, it\’s low-profile enough to fit under most bed frames or even a couch or dresser. However, if you have enough space, you could certainly stack the organizers on top of each other.

under the bed shoe organizer

The Best Shoe Organizer for Lots of Shoes

SONGMICS 24-Slot Shoe Organizer

$59.99 at Amazon

If you\’re a full-blown shoe addict, you need a modular solution that can be added onto. This SONGMICS organizer has cubbies for 24 pairs of shoes and can be configured in a number of ways. The translucent, interlocking units are surprisingly sturdy, each able to support 22 pounds, although the total weight of your items should not exceed 176 pounds. Each cubby measures 8.7 inches long, 13.8 inches wide and 6.7 inches high, so they can easily fit high heels and high-top sneakers. The panels are made of PP plastic, supported by metal wire frames, and attached with ABS plastic connectors. Although assembly is time-consuming, it\’s pretty straightforward and can be accomplished using the included rubber mallet. There\’s also an anti-toppling fitting if you have small children or pets that might try to knock it over. If assembled in the rectangular shape shown in the photo, the shoe organizer will measure 53.1 inches long, 14.2 inches wide and 41.3 inches high.

modular shoe storage

The Best Design-Forward Shoe Organizer

Mabelle Shoe Rack

$279.00 at Urban Outfitters

This two-tier shoe rack only holds a few pairs of shoes, but it looks darn good doing it. Made to order, the boho-inspired piece has an arched metal frame and shelves that look like rattan cane webbing but are actually made of waterproof plastic. The overall dimensions are 28.2 inches long, 14.7 inches wide and 14.5 inches high. The space between the shelves is 7.8 inches high, so it\’s suitable for ankle boots or chunky loafers. We love the contrast of the textured cane and the sleek iron frame, although it\’s definitely a splurge at close to $300. Another potential drawback is that the faux-rattan is a bit more yellow in real life than it appears in the photos, so that\’s something to be aware of.

rattan shoe rack


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