Chronic Yeast Infections

Are you frustrated by chronic yeast infections? The most effective treatment and remedies must be directed at restoring long-term healthy flora balance.Are you frustrated by chronic yeast infections t

Frozen Fare

Frozen food has come a long way since the 1950s. Thankfully, healthy frozen food and meals are finding more grocery store freezer space these days.Most of us don’t have time to make dinner every night

Spotlight on Diabetes

Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in Canada. Thankfully, those with diabetes can greatly benefit from a healthy diet and nutritional supplements.Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of d

Green Energy

I spy with my little eye two things that are green. They’re not spinach or kale or broccoli. Lately they have swept through natural health stores and juice bars and ended up in your local large-scale

A Story of Love

It\'s difficult to help someone with a mental illness. But it\'s an extreme challenge to have a mentally ill spouse and remain in love.Deeply in love, Sara and I married 17 years ago. Three years later,

Keep Meditation Top of Mind

Practices such as mindfulness meditation and mindful eating can improve your mood and increase focus and awareness during the day.The cell phone starts to vibrate beside you on the night table. It’s 6


Probiotics are dietary supplements that contain bacteria that are naturally occuring in the human intestine and benefit our health.There is a newfound interest in probiotics, and food companies haven’

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