Keep Meditation Top of Mind

Practices such as mindfulness meditation and mindful eating can improve your mood and increase focus and awareness during the day.The cell phone starts to vibrate beside you on the night table. It’s 6

Managing Hypertension

Hypertension is Canada\'s most chronic illness. To help lower high blood pressure and provide long-term management, lifestyle and dietary changes are essential.High blood pressure is Canada’s most comm

Acne Alert

Acne isn\'t just an affliction of the young. Check out our natural acne remedies and treatments for all ages.If you thought you could kiss your acne goodbye when you hung up your high school backpack,

Pesticides and ADHD

Studies have linked pesticide exposure with ADHD in children. Avoid pesticides by buying organic produce that bears the Canada Organic certification label.We’ve all been warned about the potential dan

Tummy Trouble

Irritable bowel syndrome can be painful and embarrassing. Luckily, natural treatments such as probiotics are offering sufferers real relief.Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is among the most common diso

Balancing Act

Boosting the immune system is as simple as getting regular sleep and reducing chronic stress. But natural supplements can also back up our immune health.Our immune system is like a tightrope walker up

Stress Busting Support

The adrenals, the pituitary, and the hypothalamus are known as the stress axis. Calming herbs such as rhodiola and flowering oat can calm the stress response.Stress is impossible to avoid. It is a nat

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