Treat Your Brain Well

Brain injury is something we don’t often think about. Take this opportunity to learn about brain injury symptoms and recovery.If you can use an ATM machine, set your alarm clock and remember why you s

Add Protein, Burn Calories

Eating protein can aid weight loss because it produces a high thermic effect. Protein burns more calories than fats during the digestive process.When you eat, a certain amount of calories are burned s

Natural Healing

We\'re all interested in natural ways to take care of ourselves. Luckily there are a wide variety of holistic and alternative medicine types to help us do so.We’re all interested in natural ways to tak

Menopause Helpers

For natural menopause symptom relief, try herbs such as black cohosh and chasteberry.Canadian women are reaching menopause in record numbers; it is estimated that by 2026 a quarter of our population w

Stop the Silent Thief

Maintaining bone health by exercising, taking bone-building supplements, and eating bone-strengthening foods are essential to prevent osteoporosis.You have heard it called “the silent thief.” You reme

Beat the Heat

As seasonal temperatures rise, so do heat-related health risks. So to stay safe and enjoy summer, take the following steps to prevent heat-related illnesses.During winter, when the thermometer plunges

First Aid to Go

To handle the hurts that plague summer, a first aid kit is essential. To add to the kit, natural and homeopathic first aid remedies are readily available.To handle the hurts that plague summer fun, a

Social Connections

As self-sufficient as we feel, we all need support. In fact, research has shown that the benefits of social support greatly influence our health.There’s a sense of freedom that comes with being indepe

Simple Immune-Boosting Strategies

Environmental and emotional stressors - they inundate our immune system daily. But there are simple steps and supplements we can take to boost our immune system.Chemicals, bacteria, and emotional stre

Supplements A to Z

What goes into the best health supplements? We check out some supplement stars, including the best supplements for women, seniors, and vegetarians.Have you ever stood in your local health food store,

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