Happy Feet

Hey, twinkle toes, do your tired, aching feet need a pick-me-up after hours of holiday shopping? Try a relaxing foot soak to rejuvenate your tender tootsies.Foot care is important at busy times of the

New Beauty Trends

Are you up on the latest beauty trends? Natural skin care products are going head to head with conventional cosmetics\' BB and CC cremes, facial serums, and oils.Think natural products can’t compete wi

Rejuvenating Oils

This time of year is wonderful for rejuvenation, including creating glowing skin. One great way to start a skin renewal plan is with oil.This time of year is a wonderful time for rejuvenation—and that

Adult Acne

Although acne is associated with teens, many adults also suffer. Here\'s how to clear your complexion, naturally.Those of us who suffered from acne as teens dreamed of when we’d grow up and our acne wo

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