How to Truly Keep Your Skin Hydrated

What does water have to do with skin? A ton. Your skin is full of water—30 percent water, in fact—and keeping it there can help make your complexion healthy and happy. Water content is a major factor

Off With the Old

As warm weather finally arrives, it is tempting to expose pale limbs to the sun\'s caressing rays. But do you really dare to bare without good skin care?As warm weather finally arrives, it is tempting

Bite into GLAmour

Gamma-linolenic acid is an essential fatty acid. Known as GLA, it can soothe dry, flaky skin; relieve eczema; and boost the immune system.We get hundreds of tips every day from glamorous models in pro

Miracle in a Jar?

Adding nutrients like essential fatty acids and antioxidants to our diets can take us a long way toward recreating youthful, healthy skin. Your choice of moisturizer can also have a huge impact on you

The Best Face Oils (for Every Skin Concern)

Want smooth, flawless skin in time for summer? (Duh—don’t we all?) Here\'s your secret weapon. Kick-start your skin renewal plans with the help of kick-ass skin care oils. And FYI, ladies aren’t the on

Drawing a Fine Line

Toronto-based makeup artist Lisa Aharon offers surefire tips on how to apply natural eyeliner with a modern touch.Who knew a modelling class would change my life? Not because of a globetrotting career

Beauty Without Injections

In their search for quick fixes to defy the signs of aging, many people turn to facial injections. The injected substances can include anything from a protein produced by the same bacteria that causes

New Year, New Beauty!

Wondering how you’re going to kick your New Year beauty up a notch? You’ll love what these bright and shiny beauty advances can do for you. 1. Charcoal maskGive your face a New Year glow with this tox

Why You Should Try Oil Pulling (and How to Do It)

Google “oil pulling,” and you’ll find countless testimonials by people who are hooked on this natural mouthwash.You’ve probably heard of oil pulling: an ancient Ayurvedic technique that involves swish

Skin Care with a Conscience

Feeding our skin from the inside is easy on a vegan diet. But you might be surprised to learn that many of the beauty products we use can contain animal ingredients. Check out these skin-loving plant-

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