5 DIY Stencil Paint Kits to Take Your Walls, Floors & Furniture to the Next Level


You may not be the next Picasso, but that\’s just fine because there are countless DIY stencil paint kits to take your interior design skills up a notch. The stencils can be used on walls, floors and furniture, so they are multifaceted and able to give you the picture-perfect end result you\’re seeking. Several kits on Amazon and Etsy will not only allow you to save time on preparation but also save money by not having to hire a professional. You only need a few supplies, and you\’ll be up and running! Take a peek at five notable DIY stencil paint kits.

Butterfly Painting Stencils

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1. Mountain Pines Stencil Kit

If you love the outdoors, this kit will be a great fit for you. You can easily create a beautiful forest mural using simple painting techniques. The fir-shaped stencils are especially enticing, designed by professional decorative artists Janna Makaeva and Greg Swisher.

They suggest that buyers use dark to light shades of paint to get a gradient effect. Say you want a misty look, as illustrated in this image. Well, then you can fully stencil only the top of the trees and barely shade the bottom part. There\’s a video tutorial with step-by-step instructions to help you.

The Mountain Pines Stencil Kit is available on Etsy.

Mountain Pines Stencil Kit

2. Welcome Sunflower Porch Stencil Kit

You can give your friends, family and neighbors a warm welcome simply by making a cute sign for your porch with this kit. There is a playful sunflower design that you can incorporate where you see fit, and each letter measures approximately 5.15 inches tall, making it quite visible to others when it\’s complete.

It should be noted that you will need to get your own wooden signs elsewhere, as only the stencils are provided in this nine-piece kit. By switching up the color scheme, you can match your home flawlessly or give a nice burst of color to your front porch. Kids can even enjoy making them too!

Find out more about the Welcome Sunflower Porch Stencil Kit on Etsy.

Welcome Sunflower Porch Stencil Kit

3. Floral Painting Stencils

What can\’t you do with this kit? These floral painting stencils can be used on tiles, floors, walls, tables, cabinets, bins and more. The stencils are made from environmentally safe materials, and they can be used many times. They\’re translucent too, meaning you can place the stencils on a surface and see exactly where you want to start.

It is recommended that you use these stencils with acrylic paint, chalk paint or spray paint for a beautiful finish. They are easy to rinse off, so there\’s no long-term commitment.

Check out the Floral Painting Stencils on Amazon.

Floral Painting Stencils

4. Butterfly Painting Stencils

It\’s time to leave the cocoon! This kit will surely impress your little ones with a stunning butterfly theme at home. There are 25 different patterns from which to choose, and they are reusable as well. The stencils have curved edges that are safe for children to use, which will make your painting experience that much more enjoyable.

You can use the stencils on diaries, schedule books, greeting cards, wood, canvas, fabrics, metal, furniture and walls. DIY lovers, beginners and monarch lovers – this one\’s for you!

Find the Butterfly Painting Stencils on Amazon.

Butterfly Painting Stencils

5. Name/Word Stencils

This stencil kit allows you to select the size of each stencil as well as the font you\’d like to use for names and words. They are perfect for a variety of DIY projects, including customizing home decor and personal items.

It\’s vital to have a clean, dry and nonglossy surface on which to put the letters. To keep each of the stencils in place, utilize an adhesive spray or tape. Another pro tip: When you are removing the stencils, be sure to lift straight up to avoid any unnecessary smearing.

Find the Name/Word Stencils on Etsy.

Name/Word Stencils

When using any of these DIY stencil kits, you will just have to stay inside the lines while painting, which we\’ve all practiced before. Get started on your next home project now and have fun while you\’re at it!


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